Vegan & Gluten Free Tinned Food Labels For Role Play Part 1



A great collection of labels for making small pretend tin food for role play at home, school, childminder and other childcare and education settings.

There are many learning opportunities with these labels, across all areas of the curriculum. An overview of possible Curriculum for Excellence learning outcomes and experiences is included with the download. The product can also be used in many other ways to aid development in a variety of other learning areas.

Each label has an ingredients list and nutritional information which is based on real products. There are 5 labels on each A4 page. You will receive 20 JPG sheets, each with 5 labels of the same product, a PDF version of these for ease of printing,  4 JPG sheets each with one label per product and 20 individual JPGs of each product – suitable for enlarging and viewing the nutritional more clearly.

The labels fit around a toilet roll tube which has been cut in half. I found cutting the tubes with a sharp knife worked better than scissors and did not squash the tube. Alternately, you could print the labels onto card and roll them into a tube shape.


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