What inspires me? If you’d like to find out, please read on. If not, pop the kettle on and have a browse in the shop. We can catch up later!

So, what about inspiration? It is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative, the quality of being inspired or a person or thing that inspires. I think we are all inspired throughout our everyday lives in some way. Maybe, your choice of colour for your bedroom walls is inspired by the coat the lady walking her dog across the road is wearing. Or a cloud in the shape of a unicorn which inspires you make fluffy unicorn pancakes. Or the song on the radio (or more likely a music streaming app, but I don’t get any affiliation for promoting any one in particular!) which gets you jumping up and showing off your dance floor moves. Sometimes it’s little things that inspire us and sometimes it is really big life changing things. Whatever it is that inspires you, and whatever you’re inspired to do (within legal parameters!) you should just take a moment to acknowledge it and let it nestle down all snug and cosy in your memory so you can call on it when you need it.

Well, that got a bit more deep than I expected! I was just going to write about how my family is the biggest thing that inspires me. With 3 children, who are not really children any more, a husband, who is definitely still a child! and a beautiful granddaughter who has just started school, there are lots of memories to keep me inspired. The little things that inspire me are unicorns, glitter, reading, tea and biscuits, ribbons, digital graphics, notebooks, pens, scrapbook paper and music.

If you’re not totally bored yet, I’ll briefly introduce myself. I am Suz, and I’m a graphic designer. Well, that’s how I introduce myself at Craftocholics Anonymous! I live in Scotland and have done since I was 9. I think I’m accepted as a local now! As I said before, I am married with 3 grown up children and a granddaughter. My two eldest daughters don’t live at home anymore, so it’s just me with Thing 3 and the Man-child! I have quite a lot of health problems at the moment so being able to work at home is really important. In the before time I was a playgroup manager and nursery nurse, but I had to stop working 11 years ago to care for my youngest full time. They were diagnosed with autism and hypermoblity so there have certainly been some challenging moments. After giving up work I got quite down and felt isolated so I went back to a hobby of my youth and started making hand made cards. I quickly got into using digital resources and then started to design my own, which I started to sell in July 2010. I have come a long way since then and have developed my designing skills and built up a ridiculously huge amount of digital graphics! So I continue to design as I research my health issues and hopefully get better. Talking of inspiration, my granddaughter diagnosed me earlier this year. Her diagnosis is that I have pineapple brain! And she told me I should see a blueberry doctor so they can make my brain an apple again! Kids are so amazing and a constant inspiration and this memory will never stop making me smile and inspiring me to do new things.

Thank you if you made it this far. I really hope you like my varied designs as much as I have enjoyed making them.

Stay Inspired